How to create an order for another country

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How to create an order for another country

1) Step

At the top right of our website you need to change the language and currency !

2) Step

Put the necessary products and the number of pieces you want to order into the basket.

3) Step

Now go to cart view. This option takes you to a recap of the entire order.

4) Step

Now it is necessary to take a picture of the entire order, for example with a mobile phone. If you are using a laptop or computer, just click the button on the right side of the PrintScreen keyboard. If you use a mobile phone, please send us a picture of your order to our email as an attachment. If you are using a computer, simply press the CTRL + V button in the email and the image will be inserted and activated in the email. We show the same procedure in the video.

5) Step

Now it is necessary to write us an email to the address where you need to write your name, surname, your address and your email to which we will contact you regarding the price of transport. Don't forget to attach a picture of the order so we can see your products

Sample in the video

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